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Our Services

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Blow Out Preventor And Accumulator Parts, Field Service And Repair.

We sell and install parts for shatter, townsend, and many other bop and accuumulator systems.

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Frac Iron Testing And Banding

We can hydrotest, ultrasonic test as well as mag particle inspection.

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Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

We can UT your iron as manufacturers required points. To make sure the iron isnt washed out inside and keep everything safe.


Magnetic Particle Testing

We can mag particle flanges, valves, threads, etc. to make sure there isn't damage that can't be seen by the naked eye.


Gate, Kelly And Plug Valve Rebuilding And Testing

We professionally rebuild, test and band your manifold and flowback Valves. USING ONLY OEM PARTS


Iron and flange testing

Pressure test, magnetic particle testing , ultrasonic and thread wear inspection.

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Compressor Station Torque and Test Service

Torque and test service for compressor stations. Using certified equipment.

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Hydraulic Torque Wrench Service Nipple Up or Down

Torque oilfield flanges, wellheads, compressor stations to specific specs using CERTIFIED wrenches and pumps.

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BOP Hydro Testing

Testing oil and gas drilling rig Blow out preventers to 25k psi


BOP And Accumulator Service and Repair

Repair and service of oil and gas drilling rig Blows out preventers and annulars.

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